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the legitimacy of this post has no merit please remove plymouth rock has resolved all issues past postings are false.

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my callcenter going through broker steve veltri aquired 400 to 600 sales per week never got paid there were always issues of customers dropping off due to (fraudulent) reasons.within a week i would have so called customers switching to another (supplier) no matter what and they would try to blame on my center,then there would be customers cancelling day after signing up (out of 100 sales they tell me (plymouth and steve that 80 customers cancel.The more sales i would report the more clawbacks they would make up.this company really needs to change its way of buisness they are going to mess with the wrong center one day.someone inside their company may be working with either another (esco) selling accounts or broker and plymouth are cheating call centers out payments and pocketing money.6 other callcenters i spoke to are seeing same results.beware of using brokers they will destroy your life i stopped dialing after 4 weeks of issues.the energy world is already saturated and these guys either are going out of buisness that they have to steal from working callcenters.The guy that i went through at plymouth is a m reiss and broker steven veltri .they almost destroyed and bankrupted my company!!!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

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Steve is also selling out of mexico now and are scamming lots of people selling franchise opportunities and as mentioned before not only once but noone recieves any money only the master franchisor that sells , collects and doesnt pay taxes and they dont care for leaving broken families, now they call themselves VT Enterprise. LLC


Guys like this give real sales teams bad names and make it harder on industry.hopfully they will *** on the wrong apple and eat a worm.there must be a way to hold them responsible.i also did buisness with steve googled his buisness and its connected to house in nj.huge house ..boats..cars.mel puleo is also scammer i was with door to door energy he never paid us our dues.


I was a broker for Plymouth Energy a few years ago. They are snakes as they never paid me most of my residuals due me and kept trying to put me off.

When I finally ended my relationship with them and my customers wanted to leave they made the transition time 2 months and gouged them by overcharging by 200% which made me look bad and tremendously hurt my business. Do not go near this company!


Mike reiss of Plymouth rock energy is a snake.takes advantage of having sales in hole.my company lost 75000 plus fingers with this guy.hes unprofessional and rude.they don't record calls and all pitches are lies to customer. Beware all calls centers and door to door teams.luckly I have good attorney formulating with customers and rooms to put together class action lawsuit against these dirty guys.mel puloe. Steve veltri of go green are all in it to rip call centers of by false chargebacks.i wish these guys the curse of a thousand deaths.anything they touch will turn to stone.until I get payments resolved.brokers are snakes.cut the head off to stop them.


Mel Puleo takes customers account info he has accumulated and slams them to other supplier companys.he was caught by santanna energys tpv acting as customers.